Friday, 4 May 2012

The Beginning....

Hi Everyone...

Frustrated with unemployment and feeling left out of the archaeological world I thought it was about time to share my musings.  I read plenty of articles and reports, have my favourite books and magazine articles just like everyone else, you may or may not agree with my take on things, but, that's kinda the point.  I would love to hear what you think... What you find...What you read and What you see, archaeology is all about sharing after all! That doesn't mean I only want to hear from the Pro though...everyone is welcome.

So you can get a bit of an insight into me I'm going to share some of my favourite British Sites and why so here goes....

  • First up is Strata Florida Abbey, for those that read my profile this is probably a bit of a shock, the Prehistorian that loves a very historic site! My motivations are entirely selfish though, this was my first site way back in 2007, here is where I learnt my trade, made my first mistakes and asked those first site questions.  The first day I was a nervous wreck, convinced I was going to be rubbish and miss everything important...but I survived to tell the tale.  If you ever find yourself in West Wales be sure to pop along, who knows you may even want to take part, theres plenty happening for the British Archaeology Festival

  • Next is Stonehenge and Avebury...maybe a bit on the stereotypical side, but, I love Stonehenge and the whole Avebury landscape.  Such a talking point for so many archaeologists was it medicinal? was it astronomical? was it religion? was it a feasting hall? We are unlikely to ever know, but its always interesting to question.  All I know was it was the location of my 21st and it seemed pretty magical to me.

  • Moving on to Ham Hill, Britain's largest hillfort and probably one of the largest excavations! An insight into an enclosure is always exciting, but this has the potential to unlock some of the Iron Age's many mysteries. I'm not a fan of elite residence theory, or tribes constantly at war, there is far more to these remarkable places than all that...maybe Ham Hill can tell us just what it is! A definate space to watch....

  • The Din Lligwy Hut Group, Anglesey, is a relatively recent find for me and if you follow the link I'm sure you'll quickly see its' appeal. Its far from the only group in the area and unfortunately they are very understudied and reatively poorly understood. Hopefully in the near future I will be able to assist in a developed understanding...this is reliant upon many a thing falling the right way for me, but hopefully news will come along soon.

  • Last but by no means least my attention turns to Thanet, as a whole its' Iron Age archaeology is impressive, but very secretive.  It will always have a special significance to me as the focus of my Master's research.  The Island as a whole was no doubt significant throughout the period, despite being more well known for the Roman's way into Britain.  A site that I'm particularly intrigued by is The East Kent Access Road, doesn't sound all that exciting, but, don't let that put you off. In terms of Thanet's archaeology there is something here for everyone, though obviously it's the Prehistory that is important! Unfortunately interpretations and data was too raw for me to access when researching the area...but I follow developments very closely, who knows it may have changed my whole dissertation!
This was all to give you an insight into me, but everyones favourite 5's are different, leave me a comment let me know yours, you might even change my 5!
    I'm signing off for now, but happy discovering!!

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