Sunday, 2 December 2012

Archaeology Advent...

Christmas is fast approaching so I thought it was only right to get into the spirit of the season....but with an archaeological twist!  So here is the first instalment of my archaeology advent calender.  So how will it work I hear you cry...well everyday on the run up to Christmas I will share a beautiful artefact with you all.  I know it's starting a day late so today you get two, you lucky things you!

So December 1st.....

This beautiful button scraper was discovered within the Great Carn, Cefn Bryn, (Gower, South Wales) during excavations between 1983-1985 under the watchful eye of Dr Anthony Ward.  It was brought to my attention during my studies in Kent, when I studied the lithic assemblage.  This scraper was my favourite from all of the diagnostic period, so I wanted to share it with all of you.  It's tiny, yet perfectly formed.  It was worked on all faces, however, it was discovered within the spoil heap, so in terms of site interpretation it is limiting.

December 2nd......

Taken from

For today we have the Capel Garmon Firedog, a beautiful example of Iron Age metal working.  The firedog is usually utilised in pairs and is associated with the hearth and cooking cauldrons of the period.  The condition of this example is spectacular and as such it was likely deliberately placed within the ground.  The firedog is now housed within the Origins Gallery of the National Museum Wales, Cathays, however it likely to see a move to St Fagans, National Museum of Welsh History in the near future.  I feel that this artefact speaks for itself so rather than waffle on I shall leave you to admire it.

Be sure to check back tomorrow, who knows what you might discover.....


  1. Excellent idea! As a fellow unemployed archaeologist I look forward to more!

  2. Thank you! I am glad you enjoy :0)