Sunday, 17 March 2013

To Repatriate or not to Repatriate?

Repatriation is probably one of the most contested and emotive issues within heritage.  It comes with far more questions than it ever does answers, yet for a paper I about to write as part of a course I'm currently doing I am seeking for answers.

The question I have is so broad the 2500 words seems like it can only ever be an introduction! After completing a fair bit of background reading I still do not know if I fully agree or disagree with the notion.  I have however reduced it down to human remains and more specifically of ancient Britons.  There seems to be a lot of focus on the repatriation of indigenous peoples and rightly so, but, I have found very little on the repatriation of Britons from Britain's museums.  There are Pagan and Druid groups that are making calls for museums to return Britons to their locales and to be re-interred.  However, this has problems of its' own, from where to place them, how to place and what sort of ceremony should occur.  I can't even decide when the term ancient Briton no longer applies!

As you can see I have found myself a mine field, but, I am not put off by it! Instead I thought I would try and gather the thoughts of others, so it is over to you...if you have strong views, good articles, case studies anything at all really get in touch and broaden my horizons.

Looking forward to hearing from you all :0)

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